Palmer Won’t Start Sunday, But Don’t Worry

This Sunday, the Raiders will take on the Kansas City Chiefs with newly acquired quarterback, Carson Palmer, on the roster but not on the field. This is not only to my beliefs, but to the word of Raiders’ radio announcer Greg Papa. While this is what I thought would happen, it is not a bad thing, even with all the skills Carson Palmer has, he doesn’t know the offense and Boller does. Boller contains the long arm and veteran know how to beat the Chiefs, who started out bad but now are on a 2 game winning streak, but not an impressive winning streak if you ask me. They got those 2 wins over the Colts (0-6) which after losing Peyton Manning have shown that they are nothing without him, and the Vikings (1-5) who have gotten nothing but disappointment out of old McNabb. So, this game, with how amazing D-Mac is, is an easily obtainable win for the Raiders, even with back-up Boller.

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