Raiders Pay Big Price For Big Time QB

It was recently reported that the Palmer deal is done. The Raiders get Carson Palmer from the Bengals in what was one of the most exciting trade deadline deals in recent years. What makes this deal so big is that Bengals owner Mike Brown had been very concrete on his stance on not to let Palmer get what he wanted by just holding out. Probably the biggest factor in getting this deal done is the fact that head coach Hue Jackson has such a close relationship with Brown. The Raiders have paid a hefty price for this aquisition though, they have given the Bengals one of only 3 draft picks next yr, the one being, of course, the first round pick for next year. They have also given away a conditional first round pick for the 2013 draft, conditional meaning that if the Raiders were to win a playoff game, the Bengals get a first round pick for the 2013 draft. This deal is a big blow to Jason Campbell who’s contract is up at the end of this season. Campbell might have just suffered a season ending injury if no one picks him up in the offseason, which is likely because he is either a starting QB or nothing. The Raiders will likely keep Boller as a backup to Palmer and Pryor as 3rd string so that he can take as much time as he wants to get comfortable with the system and to get accustomed to NFL life. Pryor looks to be a promising prospect as the Raiders now have a franchise QB for the next 5 or 6 years in Palmer. It seems no that the Raiders have saved their promising playoff run for the 2011 season and now seems that when, yes I said WHEN, the Raiders make the playoffs, they could make some serious noise if Palmer shows the kind of success he had in 2006 & 2007. It seems like the spirit of Al Davis has lived on in Hue Jackson as Hue makes a beautiful yet costly trade to acquire, when at his peak, is considered one of the league’s elite quaterbacks. The Raiders have gotten the QB that they have been looking for since 2003 when Rich Gannon retired. Carson Palmer brings that long arm that the Raiders love, especially since they now have all their young receivers clicking on all cylinders. Rookie Denarius Moore showed what he can do in Buffalo but has failed to get the long ball from Campbell since, Jacoby Ford has already proved what he can do last year, and some of this year and with the kick return he had against the Browns a week ago, it seems as if he is primed to make big plays once again this season, and last but certainly not least, DHB (Darrius Heyward-Bey) has been making the catches that wide receivers should make which shows how much he gets open. Not only has DHB been catching better but he is also running his routes much more accurately. DHB has shown his ability to make tough catches as well so hopefully, with Palmer, DHB will be looking like one of the best. We have all seen what a great QB can do to a team, just look at Indianapolis, as soon as Manning can’t play, they’re nothing. Where would New England be right now if they never had Brady. So. as we can see, a good QB can help a team tons. This Raiders team could even make a serious Super Bowl run if they’re young players can fight through the league’s elite teams in the playoffs. As we all know, the Raiders haven’t made playoffs since going to Super Bowl 37. with the great D-line and O-line(on the left side at least) that the Raiders have, and the explosive offense that Hue Jackson has brought Oakland, the Raiders are a team that shouldn’t be taken lightly by anyone. Yes, they have a bad pass defense, but with the good run defense they showed against the Browns, no one is going to be able to throw for enough points to beat this now Carson-Palmer-led Oakland Raiders. I believe Boller will start this Sunday against the Chiefs so Carson can learn the offense and get his timing down with the wide-recievers. Look for Palmer to light up the Broncos and destroy the Chargers who I believe are very over-rated. From the Predator here in Oakland, Happy Holidays and God Bless.

2 thoughts on “Raiders Pay Big Price For Big Time QB

  1. Great post. Well this is fun isn’t it? The Oakland Raiders giving us something to talk about yet again. It’s always a party when the Oakland Raiders are making a splash. I wasn’t surprised to see Carson Palmer on the front page of SI and ESPN this morning but I could not believe the price they got. Good for them I guess. This just makes an already headline filled NFL season even better. This season has been great and with so many QB headlines I guess it’s only fitting that Carson Palmer gets put back in the mix with a very controversial trade. It’ll be really interesting to see how he does in the silver and black. I’m leaning towards not so good. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say

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