Carson “Bomber”

As I told you yesterday, Carson Palmer will be wearing number 3, Daryle LaMonica’s number, who we all know was known as “The Mad Bomber” due to his amazing talent to throw the deep ball. Carson has also been known to throw the deep ball, and to throw it accurately. Another comparison that’s being made is that Carson is the next Jim Plunkett, especially because of his situation. When Plunkett was picked up by the late great Al Davis, he was at the end of his career in everyone else’s eyes. This was not true to Davis, he saw a guy who still had great football days ahead of him and boy was he right. Plunkett went on to win 2 Super Bowls for the Raiders, and retired as one of the Raider greats. Now will Carson do this right away, probably not, but it can’t hurt to dream. Will he take the Raiders to playoffs, most likely. The Raiders were already set up for a playoff run but now that Palmer is running the show, it’s almost certain. The Raiders have a proven stud in Palmer and with the best running back in the league, he shouldn’t have too much trouble getting this team to the playoffs. What I think hasn’t been talked about has been the fact that he has a great, young offensive line who has let almost the least amount of sacks in the NFL and yet no one is talking about how he won’t be getting pressure all the time, he will have time to make the veteran decisions he can make. He wont be on the ground twice every series, yet everyone still wants to talk about his injuries even though he has said he has fully recovered from those injuries. I guess only time will tell, so let’s look forward to this Sunday with anticipation, just like everyone else in the league right now.

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