To Start or Not To Start;That Tis The Question.

This Sunday, the 4-2 Raisers set to take on the 2-3 chiefs. The Raiders are still rolling and are currently on a two game win streak in which both wins were emotionally challenging. The Raiders are going to need to play much better this Sunday than they did last Sunday, and I think they will. The Chiefs are rested after having their bye week and while this may sound like a good thing, it might prove to be negative as it did for the Browns. The bye week sometimes let’s players have too much time to think about things. While there are many pros and cons about the bye week, we aren’t going to go over them in this article. The Raiders are going to need to run over the Chiefs if they want to beat this overconfident KC team and D-Mac is due for a big game once again. While Carson Palmer is trying to get ready to start this Sunday, he is trying to knock off the rust. I believe that the talents of D-Mac will keep Hue Jackson from putting the team on Palmer’s back and asking him to win the game for the Raiders. What I do believe is that Palmer will make the throws that a NFL quarterback is supposed to make and combined with McFadden’s abilities, the Raiders win this game over a banged-up Chiefs group who is without star players Eric Berry and Jamall Charles for the season. While it may look like a check in the win column already, we can’t be certain that D-Mac will show up or Palmer for that matter either, even with all the rumors out there, we might not see Palmer all day Sunday. If Hue does what I know he can, the Raiders should win this one and I say they win it 34-20. From the Predator in OakTown, God Bless and hope you enjoyed this blog.


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