Doesn’t Look Good for D-Mac

When the Oakland Raiders get ready to take on the Denver Broncos this Sunday, it doesn’t look like Darren McFadden will be joining them on the field. He suffered from a mid foot sprain on his right foot against the Chiefs 2 weeks ago which is a mystery to me because the last play they have of Darren McFadden was the last play of that drive. Did he not feel the pain until afterwards. Did Hue Jackson not want to risk it. Did D-Mac decide not to continue. Whatever it was, he’s been on crutches with a walking boot since then. Now it is my personal belief that we can beat the Broncos without star running back Darren McFadden. Others may say that this is a huge blow but if you look at the matchups in this game, the Raiders are favored even after that terrible showing in Oakland against the Chiefs. I think that the Raiders’ front 7 on defense will show up Sunday with their big boy pads on. With how the Broncos gave up 7 sacks last week, it looks like their O-Line is in for another long day. While the Offense couldn’t get any points last week, it looks like the bye week should have done them some good. We’ll see if the Raiders can come out with a win in the division heading into San Diego on Thursday. From the Predator here in Oakland, God Bless and goodbye.

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