Thursday Night Showdown in San Diego

20111110-115922.jpgTonight, the rivalry continues. The Raiders will take on the Chargers in San Diego and they hope to have the outcome of last year’s game down south. Hue jackson has lost the faith of many in the raider nation with his pitiful loses against the chiefs and broncos, both in the division and would have been great tallies in the win column and would have catapulted the Raiders into first place all by themselves with a two game cushion. Now the Raiders have a truly future telling game tonight. Hue jackson better get it together because i think he might be spending a little too much time playing GM and isn’t getting his team prepared well enough. and another thing, what is going on with this defense?! they cant stop one of the worse pass games in the league and they let the Bronco’s run all over them as well. Chuck either needs to get his players playing the way they did against buffalo in the first half of that game or go back to the UFL because he hasn’t shown me nothing yet. Rod Woodson also better get that pass defense tightened up because they looked terrible in last week’s dissapointment. I have a feeling that Rod is one of those HOF coaches who is so goos, he doesnt understand the little things that players struggle with which can make or break a player in the NFL. If the Raiders can come with a shutdown defense, they should win this game because two of Carson Palmer’s interceptions were because we were trying to play catchup the whole time. If the Raiders come out to a great start and get the chargers’ spirits low early, they can take this one and with the hope that Denver beats KC, can have a first place spot to themselves and put a win in the division.

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