McFadden and Ford aren’t looking good for Sunday’s game against the Vikings.


Darren McFadden was at one time, the league’s leading rusher and was the primary reason for the Raiders’ success. On the other hand, Jacoby Ford had been pretty quiet in the 2011 season because he had missed the first three games after an injury against the broncos on monday night to open the season, and then went on to make almost no catches but suddenly came right back to NFL headlines with a kick return against the Browns in which he tightroped the sideline but hadn’t been heard from since then as the Raiders dropped two in a row to division rivals Kansas City and Denver. Just when Ford was making some buzz again with a long catch in which he had to come back for the ball, he rolls his ankle and next thing you know, he’s in a walking boot. While McFadden has suddenly disappeared and we can’t even find a specific play on which the injury occurred. No one knows why this injury was so severe but we all know that it has hurt this team. with these big playmakers out, it seems as if tho all the big time players for Oakland are dropping like flies. Now the positive for the Raiders is that the Vikings are a very bad team.

This means that the Raiders can beat this team without big time players and they will be able to give their stars an extra week of recovery while putting another tally in the win column. This could be very beneficial to the raiders are taking on the Bears the following week at home and both of these NFC North games are “must win” games and would give the Raiders a two game lead in the AFC West according to my predictions for weeks 11-12.

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