Raiders Unplugged…A Curse???

There is a new Raiders show called “Raiders Unplugged” which shows a look behind the scenes of players’ life’s away from the field as well as an inside look at the coliseum. Well, I found something that has proven to bs quite disturbing. The first installment featured jacoby Ford, Louis Murphy, and Jason Campbell. Now, as you Raiders fans probably know, unless you’ve been loving under a rock, Jason Campbell and jacoby ford have been hurt and the brand new installment features Darrius Heyward-Bey and now he is out with a spine injury.

 I can only imagine that with how the Raiders have been riddled with injuries that it has to be something other than just bad luck. Now, take it as you will but I am just stating the facts and pointing out something that many havent probably caught. I’ll be back on Gameday but for now, keep it real, and keep it silver and black, Oakland Predator out.

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