How Cutler’s Injury Will Help The Raiders

With Jay Cutler’s broken thumb, there is relief for the Raiders. Caleb Hanie, the back-up for the Bears, will be playing which gives us a smile. Caleb Hanie lost to the Super Bowl Champs, the Green Bay Packers. Now Caleb Hanie will make an appearance at O.Co Coliseum. Caleb Hanie’s appearance will be a unplesant one. If Richard Seymour and the Oakland defense can get through the line, the Bears’ Matt Forte won’t have a chance. Now with Lito Sheperd, Stanford Routt, and the Raiders’ Safeties will shut down the passing game. If Forte and the Bears’ Offense get shut down, and they will, it will mean good news for this Raiders O. If D-Mac comes back, which i doubt he will, we will have strength in the passing game and a ginormous amount of strength in the running game. If Michael Bush still plays, he will still do good after his 157 yard performance against the Chargers and his 109 yard performance against Minnesota. Also, if you didn’t notice the O-Line is beast now. Jared Veldheer shut down one of the best defensive ends if not the best, in this generation, Jared Allen. But, the conclusion is that Cutler’s injury will give motivation to our 25th ranked rush defense. The Raiders will enjoy some Thanksgiving leftovers while dominating the line of scrimmage. It will also give our offense a chance to shine. Lastly, a message too Caleb Hanie, prepare to face Kamerion Wimbley and Richard Seymour and eat some Oakland dirt.

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