The Late Collapse

And again, the Raiders give up a must-win game in the end and continue the losing streak. This defense is terrible. Now don’t get me wrong, McClain is an okay player, but why in the F*** is he covering Calvin Johnson with less than a minute to go. The Raiders’ defense needs two more good linebackers( I like Aaron Curry) and a new D-coordinator. This defense gives up the big plays, the big scores, and the big momentum changers in the last minutes of the game that matter the most. As a Raider fan with season tickets, this is ridiculous! I can’t stand coming to watch my team win a game and getting a late, nail-bitter loss after having a large lead such as 27-14. DHB is on fire all day and drops the most important catch of the game. Chaz Schillens makes great catches along the sidelines and drops a wide open pass for the three score lead. I can’t take this anymore, this season is over but I will still watch the games but not with hopes of a playoff birth. With much displeasure, Oakland Predator out.


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