Hue Is Ready For Bolts

While Hue’s no-excuse attitude is what us Raider fans have been looking for in a coach for quite some time now, I, personally, don’t like the way he says everyone is making progress, as far as injuries go and then no one who was out the last week plays the next week. Many might have their own opinion on Hue’s decisions with the players but I think everyone is with me on my opinion on the Darren McFadden situation. My opinion is that why in the world is he not playing? What did he even do to his foot? There’s not even a specific play on which you can see the injury occur. So where does that leave us 10 weeks later? It leaves the Raiders with a 8-7 record going into the last game. It leaves us with a mediocre running back. It leaves us with a poor defense and an okay offense. It leaves us with 1 less playmaker. It leaves us with a new QB trying to put the team on his back. It leaves us with a situation in which we can’t control our own destiny. Raider fans, I honestly believe this team would be at least 10-5 going into this last week of the 2011-12 season if D-Mac was still healthy through now. I love the fact that Hue doesn’t let anything rattle him or the team. I also look at this insane season that we have had and for a rookie head coach, I think he has done a pretty darn good job. So while we may be upset when Hue doesn’t take an easy three points or go more aggressive on offense in the last minutes of the game, we can’t be upset with the fact that he has still kept us in the playoff run. Predator Out.

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