Chuck needs to go!


I can’t believe how terrible this defense is. People, we have plenty of talent but no coaching. Hue is a whole lotta talk. It’s not entirely his fault but he gets a sold out season at home and goes 3-5 at home. What a bum. What a loser. What a L-I-A-R. Here’s a list of people that I believe should be cut/fired;
1) Chuck Bresnahan-D-Coordinator
2) Louis Murphy-WR
3) Chaz Schillens-WR
4) Sanjay Lal-WR Coach
5) Rolando McClain-MLB
6) Samson Satelle-Center
7) Bryan McCann-CB/KR
8) Manase Tonga-FB
Now please feel free to comment and tell me what you think of this list and what changes you might have for it. There were 3 games we gave up that we should have won: Buffalo-Week 2, Denver-Week 9, and the worst, Detroit-Week 15. All these games were lost by a bad defensive coach named Chuck. Lastly, Darren McFadden gets hurt and is out for the season. So many things to be upset with, but that is for another day. Happy New Years, Predator Out.


11 thoughts on “Chuck needs to go!

  1. I can respect most of those except for McClain. He does a good job at his position I think.
    I thought it was interesting you picked no one from the secondary.
    Sheppard needs to leave. Routt needs to leave. Huff, Giordano, just almost everyone in the secondary aside from Branch.

      • Routt was the most penalized player in the league this year. The only way he keeps receivers from having big games is by riding piggy back on them all game. Yeah they don’t have any catches, but the offense gets 10-15 yds on all his penalties. I think he’s got skills. He just needs to know when to let go.

      • Yeah, good point. He does get flagged a lot but I also think he’s got some skills. He’s the only one though. Lito Sheppard was terrible, Huff didn’t help either.

  2. Really?? Yeah, let’s get rid of the whole team while we’re at it. I agree Chuck has to go, but Hue had a pretty good 1st season. He wasnt on the field so you can’t put all the blame on him. This year obviously wasn’t the result we were looking for, but at least we were in it till the final game.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. They definitely kept it interesting. With all the crazy things that have happened this season, I’d say he did a pretty good job. Stuff should go smoother with a new GM.

  3. I feel ya Oakland Predator!!! Chucks gotta go and if you want sell outs than you MUST WIN @ HOME!!!! I’m tired of waiting for next year. I thought the time was now. Yah right!!

  4. Chuck needs to go for sure. I’m just a fan, but I’ve NEVER seen a defense stink it up this bad. One thing I would like to open to debate is Bush. You called him ‘mediocre’ in a previous thread. I don’t mean any disrespect (pay attention….this is how a southerner complains…lol) but the man finished with 977 yards on the season. If he started the first six games he may have racked up 1500. I don’t think that’s mediocre, but maybe I’m a bit biased being a Louisville guy. DMAC is a great player….goes without saying. But how is it helping us if the man can’t stay healty? It isn’t. I don’t wish the young man any ill will but maybe it’s time to move on and go with Bush and Jones? Again, no disrespect intended and I’m 100 percent with you on firing Bres. In fact, I wouldn’t have even let the boy get to his car! Why is he STILL the DC?

    • I appreciate your comment but I guess I worded my previous statements wrong. What I should have said is that he started off with a bang and then his next few games were mediocre. Even then, the O-Line didn’t help a whole lot in those games. To be honest, I’m a Bush fan as well. With D-Mac healthy, that’s, in my opinion, the best 1-2 punch in the League. I give McFadden one more year and if he gets hurt like this again, I would get rid of him. I thank you for your feedback. You guys are the inspiration for this blog in the first place and I appreciate the respect and intend to treat you with the same kindness. I hope you spread the word of the Predator to all the fellow members of the Raider Nation that you know.

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