New Owner brings New “Structure”

Mark Davis was asked about the scouting of talent today and Davis replied with something that the original Mr.Davis might not have been too fond of. Davis said ” at (a) certain point in the near future, after careful evaluation, there will be a more modern structure so to speak.” Feel free to comment but to me, this means that Mark has an idea of what he needs to do to get this franchise successful again and he’s had this idea in his head for quite a while now. I think that Mark knew Mr.Davis was on his way out of this world and was already getting his plans together of what to do after his father’s passing. This simple 2 word statement “modern structure” speaks so loudly and proves true to everyone’s (including my own) complaints of Al being too old school and not adapting to the new type of ball that everyone is playing. So this is the end of my complaints with the ownership and front office of the Raiders, it is now up to the coaches and players to keep the ridicule and insult away from the team.

I’d appreciate it if you guys, all my faithful followers šŸ™‚ would tell me what you like and dislike about my blog so I can improve it and make it fan friendly. Sincerely, The Oakland Predator



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