What to expect in 2012?

The 2011 season was quite the roller coaster ride. Any Raider fan who followed the team last year saw crazy stuff that only the good old’ Raiders could accomplish.

They managed to beat some of the better teams in the league, but lose a 20 something point lead to the Bills in one half. They also had all the stars align and could have entered the playoffs upon their own doing but failed to arise to the occasion.

Let’s not focus on what cannot be changed but instead, we should look at what yet another coaching change should bring to the Raiders’ locker room.

1. Dennis Allen brings defense. This is the first defensive minded coach that we’ve had since the great John Madden. He brings in a new era of 3-4 defense that is needed to combat this new, non-Al Davis, way of offense that is so heavily favored by penalties.

2. Reggie cleans house. Reggie McKenzie has come in as the new General Manager and gotten rid of almost every front office member that was hired due to Al Davis’ loyalty. Reggie has continued that by getting rid of all the infamous recruiters and draft team members.

3. Last but certainly not least, the 2012 season is a season for adjustment, growth, whatever you wanna call it. Look people, I love the Raiders with all my heart but don’t expect much out of this team this season. The height of your expectations should be a playoff berth but nothing more than that. This year is a terrible year as far as salary cap goes, as far as draft picks go, as far as coaching goes, and as far as enthusiasm for playing for new staff this year.


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