Hello again friends!!

I am not dead. I haven’t left, I have only taken a vacation but don’t fret, I have plenty to talk about. I’m sure you guys have things to talk about too, so comment now and ask me any of your questions or complaints! Let me know about football, the raiders, or how to make this blog better for you guys!


Routt is Out/Apologies My Friends

I apologize for not posting all the big news recently.  I have been having technical difficulties as far as my posts actually publishing goes. Now to the big news and what’s ahead.

Stanford Routt, our best cornerback, has been let go but it may be for the best. If you look at his 17 penalties last season(Most Penalized Player in the League) then it’s not that bad of a decision to make, it’s also a very good salary cap move considering that he was third amongst highest paid corners behind only Nnamdi and Revis, who’s league he isn’t even close to being in. We definitely have a lot of work to do this off-season but I wouldn’t be suprised to see more players leave or be released. With how many new coaches we have, again, I can’t really blame players for wanting to leave because how could you stand learning a new playbook every year. Now that we have had two 8-8 seasons in a row, much better than 5 wins or less, we have a little taste of success and we have fallen short of the playoffs both years. So, with a good amount of improvement from last year, we can easily win our division. With virtually no draft picks, I will be watching what our new coaches and GM do with personell and players, which they have already done a lot. What we basically need to do is get a coach who can run this team and manage it good enough to win the games that we are supposed to win and have the guts and talent to win the games that we need to win. We are basically just taking last year’s team after week 9 and molding it into a Dennis Allen show on the field.

New Coach, Same Goal

Hey guys, even though we have a new, little known coach, we will still have Carson Palmer as our starting quarterback. I know that most of you guys out there don’t like him but I dont think that Carson has gotten a real good amount of time to really gell with the wide receivers. I have also heard talks and rumors of Greg Manusky(Chargers’ D-Coordinator for a yr) being the top candidate right now for defensive coordinator for us. Tell me your thoughts of this news guys and please be sure to follow the blog and like this post. Predator out.

New Head Coach!!!

The Raiders have found a new coach ladies and gentlemen!! His name is Dennis Allen, The Broncos’ defensive coordinator last year. The details haven’t been figured out yet but he has agreed to the job. Dennis Allen is the first Defensive-minded coach we have had since John Madden was promoted from Linebackers Coach to Head Coach in 1969!



Ladies and gentlemen! Here is some juicy news that you know you can only get when you come here. Insiders tell me that Mr.McKenzie fired Hue because he already knew who he wanted. That person is Joe Philbin, the Offensive coordinator for the Packers. Another juicy bit of information is that they plan on re-evaluating all the Raiders’ players. Tell me what you guys think. Predator out.

Chuck needs to go!


I can’t believe how terrible this defense is. People, we have plenty of talent but no coaching. Hue is a whole lotta talk. It’s not entirely his fault but he gets a sold out season at home and goes 3-5 at home. What a bum. What a loser. What a L-I-A-R. Here’s a list of people that I believe should be cut/fired;
1) Chuck Bresnahan-D-Coordinator
2) Louis Murphy-WR
3) Chaz Schillens-WR
4) Sanjay Lal-WR Coach
5) Rolando McClain-MLB
6) Samson Satelle-Center
7) Bryan McCann-CB/KR
8) Manase Tonga-FB
Now please feel free to comment and tell me what you think of this list and what changes you might have for it. There were 3 games we gave up that we should have won: Buffalo-Week 2, Denver-Week 9, and the worst, Detroit-Week 15. All these games were lost by a bad defensive coach named Chuck. Lastly, Darren McFadden gets hurt and is out for the season. So many things to be upset with, but that is for another day. Happy New Years, Predator Out.

At The “O”

The Oakland Predator here, I’m currently in line waiting to get in to the parking lot of the “O” to honor Al Davis and the Raiders’ first home game without him. We have a delicious tailgate planned for this day as we will be on the Raiderville side of the parking lot. Gates open at 8:00 and we plan to go in at approximately 12:00