Hello Mr.Tarver

Welcome to Oak Town Mr.Jason Tarver. Dennis Allen has gotten to work quick with the new hiring of Jason Tarver as Defensive coordinator. This is the Co-Defensive Coordinator for Stanford last year. Tell me what you guys think of the 2012 coaching staff so far?


New Offensive MasterMind

Greg Knapp is now our Offensive Coordinator. It looks like the new head coach is getting to work quickly. Within days of Dennis Allen becoming the Raiders’ head coach he has started to rearrange the team, his way. Lemme know what you guys think of the move to get Greg Knapp into Oakland.

New Coach, Same Goal

Hey guys, even though we have a new, little known coach, we will still have Carson Palmer as our starting quarterback. I know that most of you guys out there don’t like him but I dont think that Carson has gotten a real good amount of time to really gell with the wide receivers. I have also heard talks and rumors of Greg Manusky(Chargers’ D-Coordinator for a yr) being the top candidate right now for defensive coordinator for us. Tell me your thoughts of this news guys and please be sure to follow the blog and like this post. Predator out.

New Head Coach!!!

The Raiders have found a new coach ladies and gentlemen!! His name is Dennis Allen, The Broncos’ defensive coordinator last year. The details haven’t been figured out yet but he has agreed to the job. Dennis Allen is the first Defensive-minded coach we have had since John Madden was promoted from Linebackers Coach to Head Coach in 1969!


The Next Best Thing…

Fellow Raider Nation, I would have to say that the best thing that could happen in the football world is a Raider win. The next best thing would be a Niner LOSS!!!!!!!! Please comment and tell me your feelings toward this. I don’t know if you guys were watching the game live like i was but when the Giants won, I immediately played “Empire State of Mind” by Jay Z feat. Alicia Keys. I know you guys are as tired of all the smack talk as i am, which is going to make┬áthis so sweet as i talk crap to all the Niner Posers.

Come Vote!!


Ladies and gentlemen! Here is some juicy news that you know you can only get when you come here. Insiders tell me that Mr.McKenzie fired Hue because he already knew who he wanted. That person is Joe Philbin, the Offensive coordinator for the Packers. Another juicy bit of information is that they plan on re-evaluating all the Raiders’ players. Tell me what you guys think. Predator out.

New GM to the Podium Please?

Today, the Raiders’ new Gm; Reggie McKenzie, will have a press conference. What surprises me most about this guy is that he left Green Bay before their playoff/Super Bowl run began. I don’t know what you guys think, feel free to comment, but I believe that this guy is the right one. He is experienced and has been to the top of the mountain so he knows what it takes to get there. He and Hue Jackson are very good friends and to my understanding, go back quite a long time. This partnership makes sense and as soon as we get some picks in the draft, this guy will make the picks that make sense. He will make the no brainer picks and correct me if Im wrong but I do believe that this guy has an eye for talent. I’m looking foward to what they’re going to do in the future but for now, let’s get aquatinted MR.McKenzie.