John Herrera is last piece of Davis’ puzzle, that puzzle is not in Oakland anymore.


The late news from last night has proved that the Al Davis era is no longer. At approximately 9 p.m. last night, it was reported that longtime senior executive, John Herrera left Oakland. Herrera was known for his strong loyalty to Mr.Davis which caused him some trouble with the media but the most popular was an argument with Tim Kawakami (Whom I am not a fan of) which became a YouTube hit. Herrera was added onto the Raiders’ staff straight out of high school and was originally hired by Mr.Davis to run errands. As Herrera climbed his way up the ranks within the organization’s office, he eventually got to senior executive after returning from stints with the Tampa Bay Buccaqueers and the Saskatchewan Roughriders as general manager before coming back in 1985. The decision was not made by either Reggie Mckenzie nor Dennis Allen but as a business decision that was mutual between Herrera and the team.